TOP 10 PCD PHARMA COMPANIES IN INDIA 2022 ( Updated January 2022)

Like all areas in India, the pharmaceutical sector is experiencing rapid growth. Furthermore, PCD  companies in India are the new business model in the pharmaceutical sector. And is benefiting both the manufacturer and the distributor. PCD expands into propaganda cum distribution. So we present a list of the TOP 10 PCD PHARMA COMPANIES. If you’re looking for the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in 2022, your search ends here.


    – Offering the best of the Derma PCD franchises In India, Skinwell Remedies is a household name in the pharmaceutical space. And Having been founded under the name Alvid Biocare. This company is one of the top 10 derma companies in India in 2022. And offer highly effective and efficient products. So they provide the best deals from top derma PCD companies in India in 2022. For high-quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices as well as professional and technical support for the distributor.

  • High-Quality skincare products
  • 24X7 Support
  • Advertising and marketing support
  • All range of products


Alvin Biocare, having its head office in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, is one of the top 10 PCD pharma companies in India in 2022. And all have their departments, such as Pharma, Derma, Ophthalmology, Cardiodiabetes, and Veterinary. So, they offer products of the same quality as Skinwell Remedies. Customers have a better chance of pharmaceutical franchises for a higher growth rate.

  • More than 300+ products
  • All Divisions
  • Well Maintained manufacturing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Quality products


Granted Pharma is also among the amongst top 10 PCD pharma companies in India 2022 with all efficacy products. So, they are emerging great in pharma, herbal, and as well as the surgical field. And have a network all over India.

  • All marketing support
  • MR bags
  • 300+ molecules
  • Maintained manufacturing
  • Reputed in Industry


Ani Healthcare is the uttermost valuable company for veterinary pcd franchise India In 2022. And they have their own manufacturing unit which is a plus point for those who are looking for a PCD franchise in the veterinary field this year.


If you are looking to go for ophthalmic products franchise in 2022, then IINA VISION is the best company to opt out of eye care range products for the pharma franchise.

6. Granved

Granved herbal is well maintained under the supervision of Grantved Pharma Pvt ltd providing a herbal–ayurvedic range of products with the Herbal PCD franchise.


HERTIS CARE provides a range of cardio-diabetic products. With PCD pharma and all marketing support in relation to all the marketing support. Hertis Alvidia is also part of the top 10 derma companies in India in 2022.

8. Zenbarry Biotech

This ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company has WHO GMP certified plants through which they produce large amounts of Pharma Products. And offer a highly profitable platform to the Pharma companies as well as to the investors who want to get into the pharma franchise business

9. Tzar Biotech

Tzar Biotech is one of the best pharma franchise companies in Haryana. which is engaged in producing pharmaceutical-related product formulations.

10. Blue Plus Nutrition: –

Blue Plus Nutrition is an integrated franchise pharmaceutical company. It is a leading player in the franchise business in the country. And has a significant presence in brands across all therapeutic segments from cough & cold to life-threatening serious diseases. It has its own manufacturing for Veterinary products including feed supplements and Liquids.


Join India’s Best one of the top 10 derma companies in India 2022. We have listed the top 10 PCD Pharma franchise companies based in India. Furthermore, they offer cheap prices for pharmaceuticals throughout India. So choosing the right company for a successful business is also very important for good growth.